Sunday, April 27, 2008


First off, to start this one let me say thank you to all the moms out there who gave me advice. It is so great to be able to get in touch with my friends and family so easily, although really I should be better about calling right? I also had a chance to speak to my mom for about 2 hours and she went down the list with me, which helped too. It is crazy how many gadgets there are out there. Oh yeah and by the way I think my little girl will be into dancing or music because my calling is pianist for the ward choir and everytime I practice or play in church she starts her aerobics. It is really interesting that they respond to sound at such an early point.

On to the original topic, Rod and I decided to play miniature golf on Friday for date night. We have always argued about what to call it. I have never heard it called put-put until Rod did, but according to my dad that is what he called in growing up ( he is from Texas). Maybe it is a regional thing or maybe I just never found out the right name. Anyway we always have bets on stuff because we tend to be competitive people. So we went to Golfland and the bet was that whoever lost had to pay for the game, this may sound silly but we give ourselves allowances every month. I ended up starting out well, doing not so good in the middle which made my husband happy, then winning on the last two holes.

We went last night and played again with Katie and Steve and Rod thought we would be good as a team since I had beat him the night before. However, we decided to play on a course that had many obstacles, water traps etc. The wager was for shaved ice afterwards. Rod did awesome and scored like 6 hole in ones....but not me, I doubled my score from the night before. It is pretty pathetic when you have to take the maximum (10) on a hole because you know there is no way in heck you will get that ball in the hole after trying a million times. I guess my accuracy at put-put is way off. So we lost and bought shaved ice, but it was worth it when we saw Parker's face later. Steve and Katie let us feed him plain shaved ice with no sugar on it. This was way better than the lemon experience with him. His face was so funny when he realized the temperature shock. For those of you who don't know, Parker is my nephew who is 8 months old. Then he got a glug, which basically is throat freeze and he thought he was dying, he kept trying to spit stuff out, but there was no ice in there his throat was just cold. My poor little girl, we are going to make her do silly things like this too. No wonder people have kids, they are so entertaining.


Chet, Mara, Luke, & Annie said...

I agree! the other day Luke asked for some chili sauce because Chet was eating it and boy was he shocked! needless to say, he asked for more! great post, i call it put put too! I vote for some belly shots on the next post! I want to see what you look like now!

Misha said...

So what are you guys gonna do to my Lincoln when you babysit in a few weeks? I need to be worried? Maybe dress him up in Emma's clothes and take pictures for blackmail later in life?

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