Monday, March 31, 2008

Alone Again

Rod is gone again this evening. He has LSAT class until 10:00. Thank goodness he only has three more weeks left and then he studies until he takes the LSAT in June. Good luck to him. He hopes to finish the GMAT too by August so that both of those tests are done before the baby comes. Then applications for Law school and MBA school will keep him busy. We are excited for this next stage in our lives. I do miss having him home in the evenings. It has to be hard for him too since he is gone from the house from 8am until about 1030pm.

I was talking to one of my patients about baby names today. The names Roderick and I have picked are both family names, including the middle names, and they used to be more old fashioned, but have become surprisingly popular. I am sticking to my guns though and even though there may be another little one in my daughter or son's class running around with the same name ( well probably not the boys name) because they are family names we are still going to use them. Stay tuned for the names after we find out what we are having. Here is the first ultrasound we had done at about 7 weeks. My baby was less than an inch long here. Now my baby is bigger than an apple and fully developed as far as having toes, fingers etc. I felt a little flutter in my stomach today and really hoped it was my baby. We shall see. Oh yeah, Rod says this looks like the baby is holding a football. Really the amniotic sac, but can you tell he wants a little boy?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter and Life Today

Last weekend we went to Bullhead for Easter which was really fun. I always love seeing the nieces and nephews coloring easter eggs. Parker was the funniest this year because he managed to come out with a green hand. Jared won the prize a couple years ago for throwing the Easter eggs into the dye which caused quite a splash if you can imagine. Thank goodness for stripping kids down to their diapers. And next year my little one will be in on it, and if Easter falls in April this time my little one will be about 7 months old. We will see if he/she ( since we still won't find out for a couple weeks) can keep up with the cousins. I could have found out what I am having this week, but my Dr urged me to wait until a little later so the ultrasound would be more accurate although I am seriously questioning my judgement in scheduling my ultrasound around 20 weeks. I really want to know!! But alas I must be patient. My friend did the old wives tale of taking a pendulum and if it swings or goes in a circle thing and thinks I am having a girl. Also accorsing to the speed of your leg hair growth wives tale I am having a girl, but we shall see if all those wives tales hold true or if I am instead having a little boy. Any guesses from anyone?

I am settling into being pregnant. Except for that one moody day I have not had any mood swings. I know no one believes me, but according to my husband this is true. Actually my only problem is these laugh attacks. Instead of uncontrollable crying, I have fits of the giggles and can't stop laughing. Case in point, I was watching Friends on Friday around lunch time and it was the episode where Joey is trying to help Chandler and Monica cover up their relationship and they find Chandler's underwear in Monica's couch and something about the way Joey claimed the underwear to help them out sent me into a fit of giggles right when Rod and his friends walked into the house on their lunch break to play Rock Band. I started giggling so hard I was crying and just couldn't explain to these guys why this was so funny. Then today in church during Sunday school Rod starts writing me these silly notes and he kept getting funnier and funnier. I finally had to leave Sunday School because I was about to lose it. Then he blames me for being irreverent. Maybe he shouldn't egg me on when he knows I have the serious giggle problem right now.

I am really bored right now and not looking forwards to tonight since Rod is gone for his sleep study. I still have a serious issue with sleeping alone in the house. It must be from sharing a room my whole life. I sleep much better with my husband in my bed, but since I kick him and toss so much he always sleeps much better when I am gone. We will probably be the really old people who sleep in twin beds like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo although they weren't really old. Rod keeps threatening to initiate that much sooner than old age, but since we got a King size bed I don't kick him. That may be our saving grace. I can't help it, I am an active sleeper. Anyway, see below for some cute pics of my niece and nephews dying eggs.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pet Peeves

So maybe it is just because I am pregnant, but I think all of my pet peeves are coming out at once. Like the girl who tries to tell me at work what to eat and not to eat and then asks me how much weight I have gained. Seriously. Or the one who follows you around all day instead of doing her job....okay so I guess mostly my biggest pet peeve is rude people. I mean seriously what made your day so bad that you need to come visit me and be as rude as possible. Case in point, my last patient today has cancelled a million times, then he asks me a question about something dental related in the chair and I start to explain and he promptly tells me, " I don't care", well then why did you ask. Then when I tell him it is important to keep his appointments, he tells me, "I don't care" . I felt like poking him with one of my instruments. Maybe I have been in Scottsdale too long, but I swear people here think that their time is more precious than anybody else's. Then he tells me he needs to be out of there in 30 minutes. Fine, let me run your mouth through the pressure washer. Okay obviously I am cranky today, can you all tell?

On to happier moments...I am going to visit my family next weekend for Easter and can't wait to see allmy cute nieces and nephews dying eggs. This is one of my favorite events every year, especially last year when Jared Amber's youngest was throwing the eggs into the dye. Good thing we had lots of newspapers out. What a fun time of year. I love all holidays, but especially this one because the spring weather is getting so nice. I just can't believe Easter is in March this year. Super early. What is everyone else doing for Easter?

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Cool Nephew and Other Life

So, my nephew is the coolest, he is learning to Army crawl. I will see if I can attach the video Katie and Steve emailed me. He is the cutest little guy. I also got to go to the Dr. and hear my baby's heartbeat on Friday. Before the doctor put the machine on my belly, she said not to worry if we couldn't hear the heartbeat because sometimes it is hard to hear the first time, but nope my baby's heart was beating strongly. Roderick is very convinced now that we are having a boy. We get to find that out next month. We are very excited. I have decided officially I hate college classes, but just a few more till I am done and can teach if I want, but probably I will focus on being a mommy. I am tired now, hopefully this time gets better since I am tired of being tired.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


So nobody ever really clues you in to how dangerous pregnancy can really be. I have to get up in the middle of the night at least 2 if not more times to find ( or rather stumble ) my way to the bathroom. It doesn't matter what I drink or how much sure enough at about 130, 400, 545 and then when I really get out of bed I find myself running without the lights on. I realized how dangerous this can be when a few nights ago on my way back to bed with my eyes almost closed I nailed my thigh on the corner of a bedside table that by the way was not even sticking out, so hard that in the morning when I looked it had moved almost a foot. It was so loud I woke up my husband. Then I went to sleep. So then, and my siblings who know I am accident prone can appreciate this, I did it again a couple hours later. So bad that I cut my leg on the corner this time. When I woke up the next morning I found a bruise the size of a silver dollar under the cut on my leg, which is still there. Needless to say I try to find a light switch now in the middle of these escapades. Ouch!!

Life Goes On

No picture for me this post, but we should all be happy that I am posting twice in a 3-4 week period. This usually never happens, but I figure I will try to be better about keeping up with life in general. We are both busy, Rod at work with Vanguard and me at work in the dental field. I just got called to Enrichment committee and to be the ward choir pianist and am still feeling tired. However in a few days I will be starting my second trimester and I hear that energy is much higher in those months. I am really hoping for that. Milo our puppy is still as crazy as usual, but we love him. We went looking at tropical fish today, as if we need more pets right? I am just trying to stay sane between life, school, and all the other things that come up on a daily basis, but we are happy just the same. Yesterday we saw the movie Penelope. A must see for anyone who likes a good story. Even Roderick found himself enjoying it. We are not spending our time campaigning as much with Mitt being out of the race so that part of our life has definately calmed down. to see what Tivo has on for us!! BTW, check out my youtube human tetris link, it made me laugh till I cried.

Here We Are

Here We Are
My first blog experience

Halloween in AZ

This is the first picture I could find of us. Really it is Christmas now. Rod and I had fun planning this Halloween party. I even thought it would be a good time to make costumes ( I will think more about that next time).

Europe up till now

We spent a month this summer in Europe and it was so fun!! Then we packed up and moved from Bullhead City to Tempe, AZ. Roderick is enjoying his time finishing his Economics degree at ASU ( although finals stink). I am being a dental hygienist in Scottsdale, which is very fun! I love the people I work with and it keeps me busy. We are getting ready to head up to Utah next week for our Christmas break and can't wait. This blogging stuff is fun!

Italy Rocks

Italy Rocks
mopeds are the coolest

Our Summer Trip

Our Summer Trip