Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And It Is......

A girl!! Yay! We are very excited. We actually would have been excited with a boy or a girl. When we went for the ultrasound on Monday my little one was extremely active. It was neat to see her moving like crazy. Rod thought it was pretty neat too. Then, of course she was being stubborn and would not cooperate so they could find out what sex she was. The nurse was really great though, she didn't want to make me come back since Rod was with me. She got me up and gave me cold water and licorice saying the sugar would motivate my baby to move positions and then had me walk up and down the hall for 10 minutes. By the time I went back in the room, sure enough my little girl had moved and we were able to clearly see that we had a little girl. She has remained active for the last couple of days. What an interesting feeling it is to feel a baby moving inside you. We are going to name her Emma Belle ( thanks Amy for the permission, we appreciate it) and can't wait for our new addition.

On to other interesting things about the pregnancy. I have my first cold,which stinks and I am trying my best to stay away from medicine, which is maybe not a smart idea, but maybe you are more paranoid with your first child. I have had one or two tylenol which have helped. Roderick and i went to register last night and someone should have told me how overwhelming that task can be. I can now see that I should have sat down and consulted with other mothers for advice before I took on this task. I just sat there in Target and Babys R US and although we had already made some decisions on the stroller and bassinet, I could not figure out what monitor, pump, or any other basics I needed. I registered for stuff, but now don't really like the stuff I registered for. So you mothers out there, I would love some advice since I am now going to go online and back in the stores and fix my blunder. I mean who knew you could get so stressed about bedding? Needless to say I am sure I will be making many updates to my registries.

I promise to post some pictures of my baby's face, foot, hand etc once Rod scans them in for me. We can't wait for our little girl!!


The Davenports said...

Yay!! I am so excited for you guys! And about registering...It was the same way for us...I remember just standing in the store looking at everyhting and wanting to cry because I had no idea what to do. There is always a lot of trial and error with what you get. I spent about 30$ and got a low-end (evenflo) electric pump and it is good for pumping now and then but if you end up becoming an avid pumper like I had to, it is not sufficient. We know for next time, if that happens again, we will spend more on a better quality one. But I will try to think of more advice! Congratulations!

The Davenports said...

Sorry, I know I just commented but I wanted to say something about the monitor...just don't get a really really cheap one. We did, and it didn't work so we had to take it back. The one we got after that was still cheap in cost, but it was better quality and we still use it - it works great. It's the Safety 1st brand. It had a cord, but it has the option of being battery opporated too; it has 2 chanels; plain white with blue antenna. It works great for us and it was cheap!

Karyn said...

Congrats! I am thrilled there's another girl cousin for Elsie to play with. Yeah, abay stuff is quite overwhelming. There is so much to choose from. There is so much you also don't really need- like wipes warmers. Get a boppy- those are one of my favorite baby item when nursing. Get a video monitor. They are SO fabulous!! Mine is Summer brand. As for bedding...I get white crib sheets that can go with whatever, then you can use them again. Ah! So fun...

Misha said...

I am completely in love with the bath we got for Lincoln. It is the FisherPrice Aquarium and it has a sling in it so that you can just lay your baby in there and let their back be in the water but their face stays dry. It has revolutionized bathing an infant for me! If you are going to get a pump, get a good one. The hand ones are almost useless. I have a Medella Pump in Style. Kind of expensive but we've used it for all three kids, I've lent it out to several friends, and it's still going strong. In fact.... you can probably just borrow ours if you want.

Jamie said...


Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

OHHHHH APRIL I am sooo excited for you guys to have a girl. they are SO great! I love having one first!!
As for the stuff, just make sure you can exchange it when you get stuff, that way you can get the wrong stuff and exchange for the right. and really there will totally be things that you think will be great and you will soon find they suck. ALSO all mothers are so different. But be specific, what kind of stuff? I WILL SAY THIS... invest in a video monitor. We just got one, (Summer brand) and even though nat is 18 months, WE LOVE IT and wish we got one WAY before. we origonally just bought the cheapest one,(I think evenflo) which is what we did for most stuff... and it broke eventually ...and really this was the best investment EVER!
Bedding doesn't matter to me all that much anymore, DIAPERS?? I LOVE PAMPERS that is the only way to go I say! I spent a good amount on my pump - we got the Medela double pump and LOVE it. it is electric and I am so glad that I spent the extra on that too. especially since natalie didn't do well nursing after a while and I really loved to have milk on hand. it was quick and well worth it. it will last me a long time! ayway, when it comes to stuff for baby, they are all so different so just dont invest TOO much into something that they may hate?!
ANYWAY i am way excited. sorry about the long long post! I hope that helps though! anything ELSE YOU want advise on... I will give it to you striaght up! Love ya girl!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

OHH ALSO... I would invest in a good running stroller if you plan to run.
As for the car seat and stroller system stuff, we just got the cheapest and it works still great!

West's said...

Hi April!! It's been a long time. I just found your blog on Garrett's page. Congradulations on the baby. It's kinda scary to me that I ended up having a child before you. I guess I got ahead of myself too quickly but I love my daughter to death. I'm not sure about all the registering stuff because when we were getting ready it seemed a blur to me. I'm sure my wife has some ideas. Glad to see all is well and excited to hear more about you and your family.

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