Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Are Home!

Here I am blogging again. I cannot believe how wonderfully happy you can be when you bring home such a precious person from the hospital. Roderick and I were so grateful to be home after feeling like we were at a hospital hotel - meaning we were at a hospital but people came and checked on us so rarely that we might as well have been at home. However, all we can really think about is the beautiful little girl we have brought into this world. And yes, we think she is the most beautiful little girl in the entire world.

Childbirth was interesting for me. Labor for about 6 hours and boy was that erpidural great. I only pushed for about 30 minutes or because from 430 until they checked me again at 730 I had gone from 4 dilated to 10 and ready to go. I am so grateful my Dr was only 15 minutes away from the hospital. She was a great Dr. I did end up breaking my tailbone during delivery which stinks now, but heck thanks to the epidural I didn't even feel it happening.

Here are some more pictures of our little girl at home. She is sleeping and eating so much better since we have her here. She loves her Tigger robe and we are having fun dressing up this little doll. We were a little worried when her weight dropped into the 6 lb range, but her Dr assured us that she would be fine and gain it back soon. We love being parents!!! Welcome to the world Emma Belle!

She had her first "bath" at home which mostly consisted of a sponge bath, but she has been sleeping so good ever since. She fell asleep and has been trying out her new bed here at home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New Little Baby

It has been a long day for mom, dad and baby. Emma Belle Davies was born September 15, 2008 at 8:15PM. She weighed 7 lbs 6.5 oz and was 20.5 inches. She has a full head of dark hair, dark eyes and one dimple on her right cheek. April had a very easy and fast delivery. Once the epidural was in place everything was great. She went from 4cm dilated to the full 10 in a short time and the nurse had to rush the Dr over before she was born. Once all of the family came and visited and the commotion settled down it was a great time for the new small family to bond. Emma just ate for almost an hour straight and had her footprints and her first bath. April was able to eat some real food while Emma was getting a bath and both are all swaddled up and down for the night (or for the next few hours). I know everyone says this, but my little girl is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. All of the nurses have claimed her as the cutest of the day. I have so much more to write, but it is very late (1 AM) and dad is getting a little tired here too. I have posted just a few of the thousands of pictures for those of you who wanted to see some asap. I am sure April will be posting here once she gets a chance.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Playing the waiting game

Hey all you davies fans! This is Amber, April's sister. April is still pregnant, and we are all hanging out just WAITING! April's doctor told her that she would induce April sometime after midnight on Sunday. Well that came and went, and she hasn't been called. So this morning she woke up with contractions. Now they are 5 minutes apart, but she wants to wait until they are stronger. So now we are going to go walking (personally I would already be at the hospital insisting on a bed, but to each his own or her own, right?) So here are some pics of April waiting and walking. I will try to keep everyone posted on "Emma Watch 2008" later!

no, not going to the hospital

Emma come out!

Walking, walking, walking

fine- if you won't come we will just go eat!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So, tada,we finally put the belly shots up on the blog. I was teasing Roderick that I didn't know how I felt about having my belly up on the internet, but he reminded me that it was moreabout Emma in my belly so he got his way and here are the pictures. The photo session was fun though, we really liked our photographer. So 8 days and counting until my due date. Last Friday when I went to the Dr I was 75& effaced and 2 1/2 cm dilated, which again pretty much means nothing, although she did say that she didn't think I would make it full term. We will see how stubborn my little girl is about staying inside her nice warm place. Any suggestions on making this thing go a little quicker? I am done working now, which has made my feet swell a lot less and I feel like I am finally getting things ready. We are sure ready for our little one to come!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Stuff

I am still waiting for this baby to come into this world, but thankfully it is not as if I am past due or anything. I still have 14 more days. One of the girls I work with has a sister that went 11 days past her due date before she was induced. I think I would have laid down on the floor ( as impossible as that may be right now) and thrown a fit until they agreed to induce me.

I have one more day left of work, which I am excited about. Besides my feet and ankles swelling at the end of a day of being on my feet, I am looking forward to finishing getting everything ready. It is amazing to me how much stuff one little baby needs to get along in this world. Okay, so maybe not needs, but there are many modern conveniences out there now.

My last Dr's appt I was 50% effaced and 2cm dilated, which means nothing really, except that I am effaced and dilated. I have another Dr's appt on Friday and we will see how this is all progressing. We went and did a pregnancy session with a photographer that is also doing our newborn session when Emma comes, so I will post those when I get the cd from the photographer. Lots of exciting stuff going on, maybe when I am home a little more I will blog more frequently, but knowing me probably not:)

Here We Are

Here We Are
My first blog experience

Halloween in AZ

This is the first picture I could find of us. Really it is Christmas now. Rod and I had fun planning this Halloween party. I even thought it would be a good time to make costumes ( I will think more about that next time).

Europe up till now

We spent a month this summer in Europe and it was so fun!! Then we packed up and moved from Bullhead City to Tempe, AZ. Roderick is enjoying his time finishing his Economics degree at ASU ( although finals stink). I am being a dental hygienist in Scottsdale, which is very fun! I love the people I work with and it keeps me busy. We are getting ready to head up to Utah next week for our Christmas break and can't wait. This blogging stuff is fun!

Italy Rocks

Italy Rocks
mopeds are the coolest

Our Summer Trip

Our Summer Trip