Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, surprise surprise for those of you who know I am not the most frequent blogger, but I finally caught my little daughter smiling on camera so here it is. She is so much fun to listen to. She talks away, especially if you mimic her noises. I can't believe what a little personality she is getting. Oh and here are some of her holding her rattle, even though her mommy put it in her hands for her.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Life is Crazy!

I seriously feel like life could not get any crazier, but I am sure those more experienced moms will tell me that this is just the beginning. We went to the home auction this weekend. It was very educational, but also very long for our family. We were so close to getting the house we wanted, the guy was saying going once, twice and then an investor outbid us. I mean seriously do they really need more houses? We just wanted one little one for our family. Then it came up for reauction because apparently the investors did not want the house....and we got outbid by a different investor, but I think the auction people made a mistake because they came over to us and tried to talk us into putting in a back up offer for the amount it sold for after they told us that they had us at the highest amount. We were able to end up putting in an offer we felt more comfortable with after the auction just in case the investors don't want it and we will be contacted in 7-10 days. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Here is a picture of Emma and Daddy afterwards...they were so tired.

Last week we went to Bullhead where I worked for the first time in a long time. Just a few hours for my mom. Emma hung out with her Aunt Amber, Uncle Steve and Aunt Katie and cousins for those hours. It was the worst thing ever leaving her, but it was nice she was in such capable hands. Here is a picture of all the cousins that we took for their grandad.
Also, today we had Emma's 2 month well check. She was so mad when I undressed her because she was so cold, but calmed down after I fed her. She had her shots, which I was scared about. I had given her tylenol before we went to the doctor and although her screams were really sad, she calmed down and fell asleep before we left the office. She is still sleeping. Wow, those must have worn her out. She is 11lb 3 ounces - 57%, 23.5 inches 87%, and her head is 56%. Her feet are still tiny. Here is a picture of her wearing shoes, but we had to take them off because they kept falling off her feet.
All in all though I think I am getting the hang of this parenting thing. Emma slept for 7 hours last night, then went back to sleep for about 2. Yay. We had to get her a new humidifier after I accidentally dropped hers while I was filling it and the hard plastic shattered and spilled water all over the carpet. Thank goodness for my tiny carpet cleaning machine that sucked up the water. Now I just can't wait to go see twilight this week! Emma's Daddy is going to watch her so I can go.

Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Months Old

I decided to take Emma to Sears today because her Dad wanted some better shots of her in her blessing dress, plus she is 2 months old today. She did very well, it is getting easier and easier to take her out it seems and then......we got into the last outfit, her blessing dress, and she decided she was cold and had a meltdown in the photo studio. Thankfully it wasn't busy and the lady was really patient with us. Emma ended up falling asleep and so we got a cute one of her feet since she was asleep. Some of these photos are so funny. One of the ones on her tummy looks like she is going to come and get you. That is our future corporate lawyer shot. Do they accept headshots this early:) We decided that we should have used Sears from the beginning because we were much happier than with the professional photgrapher we used as far as service. Here is our precious baby!


So we were trying to decide about what to do for Halloween this year. We missed our ward's trunk or treat because it was the weekend of the blessing and even though we know Emma can't really trick or treat wedidn't want her to miss her first Halloween. We decided she could dress up and go trick or treating with Parker on the night of Halloween. Thankfully her cousin Parker was more than willing to carry her trick or treat pail. It was more for show, because is Emma really going to eat candy?

It was really funny because Parker's two pails got heavier and heavier and he would not let anyone help him carry them so by the end of the 8 or so houses we went to, he was dragging them home and falling over from the awkwardness of it all.

Emma wore an ASU cheerleading costume that her grandad bought her. We mostly just wanted to dress her up. Happy 1st Halloween Emma!

Two of these pictures are of her being confused about her cheer and then her go ASU pose. The other one is her gangster pose..

Here We Are

Here We Are
My first blog experience

Halloween in AZ

This is the first picture I could find of us. Really it is Christmas now. Rod and I had fun planning this Halloween party. I even thought it would be a good time to make costumes ( I will think more about that next time).

Europe up till now

We spent a month this summer in Europe and it was so fun!! Then we packed up and moved from Bullhead City to Tempe, AZ. Roderick is enjoying his time finishing his Economics degree at ASU ( although finals stink). I am being a dental hygienist in Scottsdale, which is very fun! I love the people I work with and it keeps me busy. We are getting ready to head up to Utah next week for our Christmas break and can't wait. This blogging stuff is fun!

Italy Rocks

Italy Rocks
mopeds are the coolest

Our Summer Trip

Our Summer Trip