Monday, March 31, 2008

Alone Again

Rod is gone again this evening. He has LSAT class until 10:00. Thank goodness he only has three more weeks left and then he studies until he takes the LSAT in June. Good luck to him. He hopes to finish the GMAT too by August so that both of those tests are done before the baby comes. Then applications for Law school and MBA school will keep him busy. We are excited for this next stage in our lives. I do miss having him home in the evenings. It has to be hard for him too since he is gone from the house from 8am until about 1030pm.

I was talking to one of my patients about baby names today. The names Roderick and I have picked are both family names, including the middle names, and they used to be more old fashioned, but have become surprisingly popular. I am sticking to my guns though and even though there may be another little one in my daughter or son's class running around with the same name ( well probably not the boys name) because they are family names we are still going to use them. Stay tuned for the names after we find out what we are having. Here is the first ultrasound we had done at about 7 weeks. My baby was less than an inch long here. Now my baby is bigger than an apple and fully developed as far as having toes, fingers etc. I felt a little flutter in my stomach today and really hoped it was my baby. We shall see. Oh yeah, Rod says this looks like the baby is holding a football. Really the amniotic sac, but can you tell he wants a little boy?


Karyn said...

April- I am so incredibly excited to hear what you guys are having. You felt the first movements? That is so much fun. I think that is probably my favorite part of pregnancy-felling them move inside of me. It is the most amazing feeling.

The Davenports said...

Congrats on everything! Hey, I remember you were asking me last time we saw you guys if the Betts still lived in bagdad...well, there is a young couple (our age) with 2 kids, Dave and Kim Betts...are they the ones you were referring to?

Misha said...

I can't wait to find out. Is it this week? CALL US! Then the shopping can begin, right?

amber:) said...

You know what Zach thinks! We are also excited to find out. Hannah is crossing her fingers for a girl. Hopefully there won't be too much drama at our house if it is a boy! Either way we can not wait for our new cousin.

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