Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Stuff

I am still waiting for this baby to come into this world, but thankfully it is not as if I am past due or anything. I still have 14 more days. One of the girls I work with has a sister that went 11 days past her due date before she was induced. I think I would have laid down on the floor ( as impossible as that may be right now) and thrown a fit until they agreed to induce me.

I have one more day left of work, which I am excited about. Besides my feet and ankles swelling at the end of a day of being on my feet, I am looking forward to finishing getting everything ready. It is amazing to me how much stuff one little baby needs to get along in this world. Okay, so maybe not needs, but there are many modern conveniences out there now.

My last Dr's appt I was 50% effaced and 2cm dilated, which means nothing really, except that I am effaced and dilated. I have another Dr's appt on Friday and we will see how this is all progressing. We went and did a pregnancy session with a photographer that is also doing our newborn session when Emma comes, so I will post those when I get the cd from the photographer. Lots of exciting stuff going on, maybe when I am home a little more I will blog more frequently, but knowing me probably not:)


amber:) said...

I think I am getting more excited for Emma than I was for my own kids! j/k but I seriously can't wait. I almost want her to come early just so I can hold her! And I love the new blog background, very cute. Knowing that you are not working anymore makes me want to come play with you. Don't you need help with the nursery decorating? I'm sure that Rod is not at all interested in that stuff, right? :) Miss you

Karyn said...

Oh, I can't wait!! I am so incredibly excited for you guys. Good luck these last few weeks. Just hang in there!

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

one of our friends was 4 weeks OVER before she had her baby and she did go to the hospital and said, I am not leaving until you induce me.
ahhh that would suck, cant wait ofr pics!!

Mara Crosby said...

I am so excited for you! Babies do need so many things, dont they? a little tiny baby and their things take up more space than a grown up I think. post those pictures as soon as you get them! I am dying to see them!

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