Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What, April is blogging?

So I know that I am the worst about keeping up with this stuff, blogging, facebook, etc. You know it is bad when you post a comment on facebook and someone writes, "what you are on here" or you are talking about being on facebook with your sister and she says, "You went on facebook?" However, since I am getting to talk to my friends again after a really long time I am going to try to be better about this and sharing pictures with the family and friends that follow this.

Kaitlyn is pulling herself up and walking on everything. She learned to go up the stairs by herself last week and every once in awhile if the gate is down, we will hear this yelling and she is stuck and can't get down. She and Emma love each other, although they have a battle of the wills over stuff some time. Kaitlyn is hilarious because whenever she gets really excited about something she starts snorting with results in giggles from her older sister.

Here are some updated pics of us in Utah in January.


Kylee said...

what, an update? I loved it! I love hearing about the girls! They are so sweet!

sophia smith said...

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Here We Are

Here We Are
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We spent a month this summer in Europe and it was so fun!! Then we packed up and moved from Bullhead City to Tempe, AZ. Roderick is enjoying his time finishing his Economics degree at ASU ( although finals stink). I am being a dental hygienist in Scottsdale, which is very fun! I love the people I work with and it keeps me busy. We are getting ready to head up to Utah next week for our Christmas break and can't wait. This blogging stuff is fun!

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