Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are back in the land of blogging

Okay, here we are again.Life has been crazy.The pictures of Emma are of her toothy grin she gives us and of her independence. When we took her to the park,she wanted to swing by herself and would only let us push. Emma will be 17months old this week and she is a firecracker. She says lots of words as well as saying uh-huh whenever she wants to say yes to something and shaking her head to say no. We are just glad that is a word she is not saying. She runs just about everywhere and is transitioning well to being in Bullhead. We took her to the ultrasound this week and she kept signing all done during the ultrasound. I don't know if she is as excited as we are about her new little sister. She signs now a lot of things, which has cut down tremendously on meltdowns since she can communicate with her words and signs. It has helped her vocabulary too. She does however like to pull my mom's yorkies's hair and no matter how many times she is told not to do it,she just gives a toothy grin and keeps doing it. I will post some more photos of that cute toothy grin tomorrow. She is sure the joy of our lives. Rod is busy taking classes for application to dental school this summer and we are both busy chasing our toddler. Maybe we will post more regularly now,but time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to get an update on you guys. I can't believe how big Emma is!

misha~sha-sha said...

She looks so tiny up on that big swing! Post more, please. We miss Emma...and oh, yeah, the rest of you, too!

Ciara said...

WOW! I can't believe he's going to dental school? Be prepared (as I'm sure you're already aware) for horrible competition not from across the country, but from those dang BYU grads! Ugh. Lyle's at the end of his second year and boards are at the end of the summer. You have a lot of FUN to look forward to! Congrats on baby #2 and on what a cutie baby #1 is! Keep us updated!

Kylee said...

loved the update!! Luke misses Emma lots!! what cute pics of her!! keep the posts coming!

krystyna your face said...

Yay! So fun. I sure miss you guys!

Mara Crosby said...

agh! that is so cute!

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