Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here she is!

Allright, I know that you have all been asking for Emma pictures, so here they are. We found s swimsuit( only in AZ in February) and took her swimming because it has been 82 out and our pool is heated, then we had a bunch of rain so we haven't gone again. Her dad decided to try the blow in her face dunk her and she did hold her breath, but the crying picture is her reaction afterwards. She was so cute in the water.

She has started vegetables and so we finally got her a high chair. She is still waking up a couple times a night to eat and even though I am really tired, it is special to spend those precious moments with my beautiful baby. She is in her crib now and out of the swing which was a huge milestone for us. She is so cute when we put her on her back because she immediately rolls to her tummy and then after realizing the is stuck there gets very frustrated and starts kicking like crazy.

When her daddy comes home from work her face lights up and she has many big smiles for him. She loves her daddy so much!!

We finally got word that they are sending our insurance check and so maybe we can start to get our lives back to normal. This has been an interesting trial for us. We hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


Jeni said...

wow she looks alot like her daddy!

Ciara said...

Yep, no question there who the daddy is! April, I'm sure you've been handling this crazy situation like a pro, but I put in a little prayer for you guys anyway ;). Hope all goes well with reinventing your home and furnishings, and YEAH for more pictures of this little beauty. I cannot even believe the 82 degrees you are talking about. It has been 50 here as the high for about two or three days and I feel like a new woman. Unfortunately, it is only a tease, but at least it was something to keep me going! Keep up with posting cute pics!

Karyn said...

I think about you guys all the time. I hope you guys get settled down again soon. Emma is getting so big! Those pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're doing well. Love you guys!

krystyna your face said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM DYING!!! I miss my little Emma!!! (and you guys, too, I guess haha) That swimsuit is absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for posting some pics! Love you guys!

amber:) said...

so cute! can't wait to see you all. miss you and love you tons. Tell Emma she is not allowed to grow up so stinkin' fast.

The Davenports said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of her! She is sooo adorable and I really want to meet her!

Kylee said...

I absolutely love these pictures of Emma. We miss you guys. We need to hang out soon!

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