Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Cousins

Emma had her first Thanksgiving last week. Mostly we got pictures of her with all of her relatives and she only got to eat the yummy food through her mommy. She did pretty good, but got a little overwhelmed by all the new people. She loved to be carried around in her carrier on my chest. She is such a curious baby and wants to be able to look around and kick. Here are some pics of her over the holiday. There is one of her with her Gigi Nelson ( she has two Gigi's Rod's grandmother and my grandmother)Another is one of her with Papa, her mom's grandfather.

She spent the morning watching football with her dad and then the afternoon finishing helping her mom make the dinner. We got some other cute ones of her with her grandad, her Uncle Jordan and Her Grandma and Parker. Parker really loves Emma, as well as her other cousins.
Time to be done, my little one just woke up.


amber:) said...

i love that you put up more pictures of my kids than I do. *wink* love you and we had a blast, can't wait til you come back

misha said...

Oh...only a few more weeks 'til Christmas! I am lamenting the fact that I no longer have a baby to hold. Mine is too busy for me! He just wants to get down and go.

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