Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birth Classes

So this week we had our first birth/parenting class. My Dr's office has them at the office so we don't have to travel to the hospital, which keeps the classes much smaller and shorter. It was actually extremely informational, although nobody warned us about having to view the birthing video. Roderick promptly informed me after the class that the part about the placenta being born made him sick to his stomach, which I can relate to since I even felt queasy watching that part. Good thing the baby is usually being oohed and ahhed over during that time.

We also got to go together to or ultrasound on Tuesday. It was so neat to see Emma's features and to be reassured at 100% that my baby is in fact a girl. I have been having these dreams that they made a mistake and really I am having a boy so it was nice to have that confirmed. They measured her size and size wise she is due the 6th of September rather than the 17th, but the Dr is not changing the date. Rod is convinced she will be born around the 10th or so. I guess we will see. That is not something that you can really predict. She has very long legs according to the size of her femur, which she obviously didn't get from her mom. I have been having nightmares too that my baby would be born without this part of her leg ever since I read a people magazine article about that happening. Rod has been teasing me about it. But I can rest assured, all of her body parts are where they are supposed to be. Roderick is convinced that when we caught the shot of her face during the ultrasound that she looks like my baby pictures. We are very excited and cannot wait to see her.

It is getting hotter and hotter here, although part of that is the extra person I am carrying around. My swelling really hasn't been bad thankfully even with it being such a stinky summer. This week we have breathing exercises in our birthing class. That should be interesting. Here is a pic of our little girl, although I don't know how clear it is.


Katie said...

Wow your picture of Emma is great! You can really see her face well. She looks really cute. Parker had mammoth femurs and feet as well. It really helps with their kicks, but you knew you were bound to have a big baby with our track record. I think it helps to have a big baby when they are born though, because I think they can almost crawl out! But I don’t think it’s worth all the extra pain. It will be interesting to see when she is born. You’re getting close!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

I have been un-blog worthy here the last little while!! So we have 2 computers and I have saved different people's blogs on different computers and I haven't touched my DESKTOP since I quit working 2 months ago - and guess what??? Your blog is on my favourites on that computer. SO I am adding it to my laptop right now... along with a bunch of other peeps I have been missing out on for months! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry Friend!!
COngrats on the little girl though and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE name Emma!! I hope she comes early - and I am so glad she didn't end up being a boy like ours!! OK well I will be better I swear!! yOU ARE LOOKING amazing april!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is super cute in that picture of you guys. Of course it is now too! I saw Rod at work the other day as he gave a little presentation to our group and he told me about your dreams. That is so funny but it must be nerve-wracking! I hope his surgery goes well--is it anything serious?

Chet, Mara, Luke, & Annie said...

oh april! She is so cute! I can't wait to see her in person!! I hope all is well with Roderick, and of course you and Emma! Love you tons!

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